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On July 15, 2002 Debby and I left our Fair Lawn, New Jersey home in  our 1999 New Horizon, Fifth Wheel Trailer heading on a leisurely pace to the West Coast. We wished to arrive before the Winter set in and planned to remain out West for the Winter, returning home some time during the Summer of 2003. Except for several months between our return to Fair Lawn and our final departure in 2005 we have been on the road and alternating winters between Florida and the West Coast for over 16 years now.
Our truck
            and trailer in fron to our house in 2002            Debby and Charlie in fron to
            our truck at our NJ house in 2002

 Many years after that departure which we called the "Big Trip"  we discovered that our friends didn't think we could last and had a pool as to how long it would take us to give it up. They did ask however for us to stay in touch and we did by starting a weblog and notifying everybody when new entries were posted.

Obviously nobody won since we are still on the road. This will change this Winter as we have bought a condominium in Florida and plan to live  there between November and May. In May we will return to the RV and continue our travels. Besides for getting up in years which hasn't seemed to slow us down it's getting crowded out there and becoming harder to find campsites. When we started we just went, now we have to plan ahead and make reservation. Obviously it isn't the same thing.

waiting for
            a site at Codroy RV and Tent

As I said the years havn't slowed us down but that isn't a new trailer just the 2008 Spacecraft with a new paint job done in June 2017 to better match the truck. We  just spent the month of July in Newfoundland and the  Codroy RV was our first stop after getting off the ferry in Port Au Basque. On our return from Newfoundland we spent several days on Cape Breton before returning to the States and spending 3 days in Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. You can begin reading about it here but  check back often because I will eventually post the entire trip.

I will also finish posting  The Winter of 2017 here..
That's the new truck a Dodge Ram 5500 that we bought in the fall of 2016 before continuing to Valley of Fire in Nevada and our winter out West which included the 2018 Rose Bowl Parade.
Valley of Fire SP

In the beginning  AT&T was our Internet Service Provider and they provided a location for subscribers to post a web site. The file size was kind of small but I was able to have six of them using different emails. When we got out West our son, Richard convinced me to register the Domain debbyandcharlie.com and move it to a commercial web host and it has been here ever since. We returned from this trip in September  2003 fully 14 months after we had left. After the trip we remained in our New Jersey home for a few months and then went to Florida for the Winter. From then until we finely put the house on the market in 2005 maybe we were home for about 10 months all told. The house sold while we were in
 Alaska in 2006.
Entering the Alaska Highway

In the Fall of 2004 we went back out West and have alternated Winters between Florida and Arizona/California ever since.
class C Motor Home

In 2008 we went to Australia/ New Zealand with an RV tour company that rents Class C Motor Homes for each family and leads the trips.

And then in 2011 we went to South Africa with that same tour company

                  and Charlie stradling Indian Ocean and Atlantic
                  Oceans:ion in
                  Kruger NP

After that it took me awhile to finish writing and posting the trip and I never did finish writing the Trip East in 2011.

Although I did write and Post our trip to
   Poler Bear lieing on ground 
Churchill, in Manitoba Canada to see the Polar Bears in 2012

In the Fall of 2013 we went to Albuquerque with that same tour company for the Balloon Festival although we had a great time but  I never did post that trip. 

When I began writing and posting in 2002 Richard was heavily involved with the fledgling Internet and it seemed like writing HTML was a good choice for me. Some years later he introduced me to Dreamweaver and I continued using that very good HTML editor and file manager to write and publish my pages. At some point Adobe, the owner of Dreamweaver went to a subscription based service that I didn't feel was worth the cost because I really wasn't that active. I was able to keep using the Dreamweaver software until one of the frequent Apple IOS updates put a stop to that  sometime in 2015 after I had posted part of the 2014/2015 Winter trip out West through Arizona and I never did finish that trip even though we went to some exciting places. I haven't given up on it and have a general outline and who knows maybe I'll finish it someday. And then there was Facebook which allows all of us to stay in touch and continually update our friends as to every aspect of our lives down to the minutest detail if we wish. Sort of makes my efforts here superfluous and I am not quite sure why I continue. In fact I am not even sure anybody visits anymore. As a result I wasn't very motivated and it has taken me until  now to find a freeware suit that I am comfortable with. I am writing this with SeaMonkey a suit created by Mozilla the Non Profit spin off from Netscape the creators of Firefox and hope to post it shortly.

When we started this journey in 2002 I took pictures to tell the story of our journey and only posted select pictures on our web log. Somewhere along the line in addition to those pictures I used to tell our story I began posting almost all the pictures I took to a public hosting site. I believe it was after our trip to Australia - New Zealand and have continued the practice ever since. I don't spend a lot of time editing and cutting down on duplicate pictures.  So you can consider these albums more as a repository then a presentation and view them or not as you wish with the knowledge that I will not be insulted either way. (As I said I am not sure anybody views them anyway or our weblog especially after the advent of Facebook). I will say this however; if you are planning a trip or trying to decide where to go this Web Log and the picture galleries can be very helpful especially since we aren’t selling anything. You can view the thumbnails clicking on any picture that catches your fancy enlarging it to fill the screen. The Gallery's are at http://debbyandcharlieyaker.smugmug.com

Our Entire WEB Journal can be seen at this location in chronological order

 In Loving Memory of Caryn Amy Shalita Yaker, December 19,1968 - November 26, 2005

At the end of November 2005 our daughter-in-law Caryn, Richard's wife died shortly before her 37th year. Fortunately ever since 2002 when we started traveling cross country in our RV two of our three trips out west ended in California and we spent some quality time with Rich and Caryn. Words cannot describe our feelings of loss and sympathy for Richard and Caryn's parents, Myrna and Paul as well as her grandmother and brother. It's not supposed to happen like this. None the less life goes on and in 2011 after we left California for the East Coast Richard met a lovely young lady, Jennifer Gaynor and they were Married on May 19, 2013.

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